New Bill Could Change Alcohol Licensure at Logan Airport

The Massachusetts Legislature recently heard testimony regarding a bill that would change the liquor licensure procedure for vendors in Logan Airport. House Bill 99 would create a new class of airport alcohol license for vendors in Logan Airport.

Logan Airport currently has thirteen liquor licenses for forty vendors that serve alcoholic beverages. Generally, a single liquor license cannot be used to sell alcohol from more than one location. However, Massachusetts law provides for a special exception to airports and sports stadiums and allows for a single liquor license to be used for multiple vendor locations.

If House Bill 99 passes, each airport vendor will be allowed their own alcoholic beverages license. In turn, the existing thirteen liquor licenses can be made available for transfer within the City of Boston, outside the airport. Massachusetts law restricts the total number of alcoholic beverages licenses via a quota system. The airport alcohol licenses would not be subject to the quota.

Under HB 99, the airport alcohol licenses would be available for vendors within Logan only, and these licenses would not be transferable like a typical liquor license.