Bob Hurwitz interviewed by WCVB Channel 5 Boston, MA

In September Boston television station WCVB / Channel 5 interviewed Bob Hurwitz regarding his experience serving as an Arbitrator under the Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor Act.  The interview was televised on WCVB’s evening newscasts.

In addition to representing building supply companies and commercial contractors, Bob has served as an arbitrator on residential cases involving homeowners and contractors under the Act.  The Home Improvement Contractor law was created in 1992 to protect consumers and regulate the business practices of contractors. It established a registration requirement for contractors, a complaint and enforcement program, an arbitration program for resolving disputes, and a Guaranty Fund program to compensate consumers up to $10,000 for unpaid judgments against contractors.

Bob Hurwitz & Gene Richard named Super Lawyers for fifteenth consecutive year; Dan Sencabaugh named Rising Star

Hurwitz, Richard & Sencabaugh LLP is pleased to announce that Bob Hurwitz and Gene Richard have been named Massachusetts and New England Super Lawyers for the fifteenth consecutive year, and that Dan Sencabaugh has been named a Massachusetts and New England Rising Star for the third time. Bob Hurwitz and Dan Sencabaugh received their honor in the field of construction law while Gene Richard received his recognition in the field of administrative law for his work as a liquor licensing attorney. The Super Lawyers and Rising Stars lists appear in Boston Magazine as well as the publication New England Super Lawyers. The Super Lawyers list recognizes the top five percent of attorneys in New England while the Rising Stars list recognizes the top 2.5 percent of attorneys 40 years old and under or in practice for 10 years or less.

Robert W. Hurwitz and Eugene R. Richard Named Super Lawyers

Partners of the firm Robert W. Hurwitz and Eugene R. Richard have both been named Massachusetts and New England Super Lawyers for the tenth consecutive year.  Bob was named in the field of construction law, and Gene handles a range of business and legal issues, including contract negotiation and enforcement, administrative and regulatory law, and corporate law.

The Super Lawyers list appears in Boston Magazine as well as the publication New England Super Lawyers, and recognizes the top five percent of attorneys in New England.


Wayne, Richard & Hurwitz LLP filed a class action Complaint against Zipcar, Inc. (“Zipcar”) on Wednesday, July 27.  The Complaint was filed in the United States District Court of Massachusetts.

Zipcar is a well-known “car sharing” company. Zipcar members pay an annual fee to obtain the ability to rent Zipcars by the hour or for the day. Zipcar vehicles are kept in parking lots and parking garages in major cities, such as Boston, New York City, and Chicago. Once a member reserves a vehicle online or via phone, they use a Zipcar card to access their chosen car. The member can utilize the vehicle for the selected length of time, after which the vehicle must be returned to the garage or lot from which it was retrieved.

The named plaintiff in this case is a Zipcar member challenging Zipcar’s late fee system. If a vehicle is returned late, Zipcar charges substantial late fees, even if the vehicle is returned merely a minute late. Plaintiff objects to this system, as the penalties imparted upon members exceed any compensation for the harm to Zipcar. Plaintiff seeks restitution for late fees unfairly imparted, as well as a finding that Zipcar’s late fee policy is void and unenforceable.