State House Action May Lead to Direct Shipment of Wine in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Legislature moved a step closer to bringing direct shipment of wine to Massachusetts residents. Something the Boston Herald recently noted is long overdue. The House proposal which was added as an amendment to the state budget is now seeking support in the Senate.

If passed Massachusetts residents would be able to order wine online from out of state and have it shipped to their home. Although Massachusetts residents drink (and tweet about) wine at a much higher rate than the rest of the country, Massachusetts is one of nine states that bans direct shipment.

Liquor stores and wholesalers are opposed to the change, fearing that it could hurt sales. Others worry that direct shipment may be abused by those underage. But when a federal judge calls the restriction unconstitutional, and when Drew Bledsoe says that the restriction is a big deal for small wineries the state house starts to listen.

This is a part of the new changes to how consumers find and enjoy their favorite drinks. Recent successes of Drizly (an alcohol delivery service now available in Boston) Delectable (an  iphone app that helps you find and share wine recommendations), and Drync (an iphone app from a Cambridge start-up that helps users organize and order their favorite wines) all point to a shift away from the local package store as the only place in town to go for recommendations and purchases.